Performance and Wellness Training


Prolific Performance focuses on the long-term development of youth, high school and collegiate athletes. Our goal is to improve speed agility and strength through our comprehensive training system. Our training benefits athletes in a multitude of sports, including but not limited to: football, soccer, track and field, tennis, baseball and softball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, ice hockey, golf and swimming. The training groups are no larger than 10 athletes at a time and are split into 3 different development stages. Our Development stages have age appropriate strength training in each group and are All a part of our Long Term Development Plan.



Entry level program geared towards the first time athlete ages 8-11.  In a fun an effective learning environment we cover the basics of running techniques and body weight control through age appropriate drills and body weight exercises.

Areas of Focus:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Core Stability
  • Functional Mobility
  • Run Mechanics
  • Speed and Agility Fundamentals


Developmental: is for the developing (pre-pubecent) athlete ages 11-14 that has already acquired the fundamentals needed to develop their performance further as an athlete. In this stage we begin to introduce strength training into the program in a safe and effective learning environment. Our strength training program is properly integrated into a more complex Speed dynamics and agility curriculum that impose more pressure and stress which build upon a stronger, more rigid high performance platform.


Athlete ages 14 and up that have developed a solid platform of lifting technique and basic developmental speed dynamics. This course we introduce college style weightlifting to better prepare them for next level athletics. Speed

Pro-Series Elite

An advanced level training program that is enrollment based only. This program is challenging yet rewarding to the already high level athlete or the serious athlete looking to make major gains in their performance. The Program includes a very detailed analysis program using advanced  technology to assess the athletes current state of readiness. We then integrate them into an even higher level of performance training that guarantees performance gains through persistence and elite level detail. Click link for video. This program is NOT for every athlete.


High intensity seasonal training aimed at developing and/or maintaining the already high level of Fitness collegiate athletes posses.

One on one coaching 

If any one of our group training options don't fit your need and you'd like a more in depth look into to your performance gains then one on one coaching might be for you!

Team Training 


Adult Wellness and Fitness

Our Adult Fitness programs offer challenging, goal oriented and rewarding workouts that keep you motivated and physically fit to handle the challenges of being a grown up. We offer a number of training programs and consultation to give you the direction you need to achieve your personal fitness goals.