How It All Began

For more than a decade, Philippe DeRosier has studied and specialized in human performance.  The unique interest to better understand how the body moves, thinks and works aided in his decision to earn a bachelor’s degree in human performance and wellness from Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Eager to succeed, Phil conceived the idea to run his own facility; a place where athletes of all ages could come to and work towards achieving their athletic dreams.    So in 2009, he officially started his career in coaching.  Additionally, he started a track club in 2011 and came to the realization that if he could provide full service training to his athletes then they would better their chances of succeeding on a higher level.  Using this fundamental approach, Phil acquired an abundance of success coaching his track team.  Approached by athletes of other sports, Phil started to provide training to all types of athletes realizing that his technical concepts and coaching style help to improve athletic performance not only in track athletes, but football, basketball, lacrosse and baseball – to name a few.

While coaching and working full time in the sports performance industry, Phil also trained to achieve his own goals of becoming an Olympian.  In 2012, he was an Olympic trials semifinalist in the 100m, Indoor nationals 60m finalist and listed 10th fastest 60m in the world.

After years of practicing, training and studying, Phil knew it was time to make his dreams of owning his own company a reality.  His approach to sports performance development is to provide a high quality full service training platform scientifically backed and professionally facilitated.  Phil knew that by offering full-service coaching it would give athletes a better chance for success.  The idea resonated with a devoted athletic base and in 2013 he built a team of notable coaches and created the company’s identity – Prolific Performance.