Who are we? Faster, Stronger, Better


I AM A ProLific Performer

A human performance and wellness company that specializes in sports performance and wellness training

To be a Prolific performer means that you perform with an abundance of passion, power and athletic prowess. When you are a prolific performer you seize every opportunity to be the best and most successful athlete you can be!


Our mission is to provide and facilitate the highest level of sports performance training through evidenced based training principles that are balanced, developmental and progressive for each and every athlete!

Sports Performance Training

What is sports performance training

  • "Sports performance training simply put is a type of training that is designed to improve your fitness (in the broad sense of the term) level for the purpose of improving your ability to perform a given sport." Clark Simmons
  • Our Sports performance training system improves:
    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Quickness
    • Strength and conditioning
    • Mobility and flexibility
    • We are NOT a workout we ARE a Training program
      • Workouts are moments of physical exertion often un-organized and on the spot. Creativity is the means of this form of training. We developed a training system that has organized evidenced based progressions designed to extract the most performance from your body. Real athletes to training programs n